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Osteomivima contributes to “bone metabolism”, favoring osteoarticular remineralisation, making it versatile and useful for many therapeutic problems of great social impact

Osteomivima capsules contain magnesium chloride, more bioavailable than other salts

VITAMINE K2: (Menachinone), of bacterial origin and absorbed into the colon, is generated through the synthesis of intestinal flora bacteria, favoring the normal absorption of the intestinal microflora. Fundamental to bone welfare and for osteocalcin production that, by absorbing calcium, regulates the functionality of osteoblasts, making the bones stronger and more functional. A K2 deficiency in the body can, in fact, favor osteoporosis phenomena, bone fractures and osteoarthritis.

VITAMIN D3: The main biological function of vitamin D is to maintain normal levels of calcium and phosphorus in the blood and promotes calcium absorption by helping to form and maintain strong bones
Recently, research has also suggested that vitamin D can provide protection from osteoporosis

MAGNESIUM AND OSTEOPOROSIS: The health of our bones depends on many different substances, but the most important are “Calcium and VITAMIN D”. However, some research suggests that magnesium deficiency could be an additional risk factor for postmenopausal osteoporosis. Probably this happens because magnesium deficiency alters the hormones responsible for calcium regulation and its metabolism. In a research done on a sample of elder people, it was seen that a higher magnesium intake effectively improves bone density.

RACHITISM AND OSTEOMALACY are classic Vitamin D deficiency diseases. In children the deficit causes the rachitism that
evolves into skeletal deformities. In adults, Vitamin D deficiency
can lead to osteomalacy, which causes muscle weakness beyond bones. People with high risk of vitamin D deficiency include the elderly, obese, breast-fed children without Vitamin D supplementation, and those who have limited exposure to sunlight. Also subjects with malabsorption syndrome of fats (eg cystic fibrosis) or intestinal inflammatory diseases (eg Crohn’s disease) are at risk.



1 or 2 pills per day, after doctor’s opinion



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