3 Alghe 3 Bacche


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3 alghe 3 bacche is a food supplement with an antioxidant action and it is useful for control of body weight.

INGREDIENTS contained in the green / blue colored tablet:
Spirulina: has a general support and restorative action due to the richness of proteins, vitamins and minerals.
Chlorella: has an antioxidant action and improves the natural defenses of the body purifying it.
Klamat Algae: normalizes the mood
INGREDIENTS contained in the red tablet:
Acerola: improves the natural defenses of the body, has a support, restorative and antioxidant action.
Açai berry: has an antioxidant action. It acts in lipids and carbohydrates  metabolism and regulates intestinal transit.
Goji berries: have an antioxidant action.


Take 1 red tablet in the morning and 1 green / blue tablet in the evening.


40 tablets of 1300 mg:

20 red tablets and 20 green / blue tablets


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